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you come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly
By: azurin aziz

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Tuesday, 6-Sep-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark

There’s nothing abt him I'm attracted to when we first met, vice versa. Furthermore, I’m a hati batu and inhospitable type of person. Somehow I felt something (a lot actually….) different about him after a few sessions of ‘barli suam’, dinners & lunches, night walks, cruising @ night, we both tipu doctor amik MC just to have lunch and shop together @ ….. etc.

My heart skips a beat every time I think of him, I get cold feet and butterflies in my stomach every time we go out, I barely take smiles away from my face every time he calls or texts or sends me emails (even when I’m in the midst of endless meeting appts), I couldn’t stop talking about him blah blah blah. These symptoms tell me that I’m deeply in love. Ala…kita tahu siapa and what type of a person we want to spend our lives with kan??? Basically, his presence in my life and most importantly in my family’s lives gave us a brand new spark that cannot be traded with anything else in this world.

He didn’t promise me a mammoth-sized solitaire pink diamond ring or a vacation home by the sea in Hawaii or my own pink color private jet named after me, the Eiffel Tower or a cottage in the country side in England or oodles of designer label handbags, clothes, shoes or a personal hairstylist, make-up artist & manicurist just to make me look exquisite, non of any Patek Philippe watch collection etc which I find all of them immaterial in my life. All he offered was himself, his eternal love, his extensive attention and last but not least his tulang empat kerat. That’s the ‘harta’ I treasure most. Along with the ‘harta’, there’s also a list of rules I have to live by. I truly didn’t expect more than he himself purely because I didn’t have anything to offer either.

All I know my heart was stolen by his sincerity. Our courting period was short & sweet. I was taken to his home & introduced to his lovely mom 3 days after we met and the meeting was unplanned. I wish I could turn back the clock and dress up appropriately. I still remember I was wearing a white baby T buruk, seasoned khakis pants, weird-looking colorful flip-flop and my hair was detangled and messy. Damn! I surely look at my worst and believe he thinks I look hideous that night. A couple of days later, I invited him to meet up with my family @ a gathering my sister organized at home. 2 weeks after that, he attended my mom’s birthday bash on 30 Dec 04; we had so much fun over a private Japanese dinner, and that was exactly 7 days after we pronounced our …. A few days after that I started attending his family gatherings; getting to know his aunts, uncles, neneks, cousins etc as well as meeting up with his friends. Nearly a month after that, his lovely mom invited my dearest parents and I to his home for an introduction and a getting to know you session. We were served delicious home-made laksa johor, lip-smacking walnut cake baked by aunty faddy and appetizing dessert. Tak boleh cakap lah how kenyang we were after that!

At that point of time, I knew the relationship is going further and faster than I thought. Soon after, I ‘dimerisik’ by his aunt without any notice nor hint. The ‘hajat’ was conveyed to my mom in front of me and at his presence too. He looked clueless and shocked because he didn’t expect it to happen on that very day; after him, my mom and I had lunch together. In actual fact, my engagement ring dah siap beli and I tried it on immediately when an agreement between my mom & his aunt as his family rep was met that day. I bet all of you can imagine the speed of our family ties developed. My family & I had only 20 days to prepare for the engagement ceremony. And thank god, everything went tremendously wonderful that night.

Finally, here we are today... close to 5 months after the engagement and catching up our breaths preparing for the wedding. As for me, no more bangun tengahari during weekends, lazing @ weekend flea markets, melepak @ home doing nothing and tak mandi the whole day etc.

All I want him to know is I can never be happier than this being with him. He completes me! Rupa-rupanya dialah orang yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ni…..

Yours truly
azurin nawal

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